Anneth Bryan

About Me:  I am Blessed, Purposed, Challenged, Fearless, Ordained, Commissioned, Mandated, Expected,Burdened, Divinely Appointed, Called, Relentless, Uncompromised, Compassioned,You ask Why?

To make the Kingdom of God a reality in others lives!

I received the call to pursue ministry and a career in the helping profession after experiencing some personal challenges in my own life for many years in my twenties and early thirties.

Having experienced what could only have been a ‘Divine Intervention’ myself many times,  I managed to find the strength and courage to overcome my circumstances and continue on in life.  It is now one of my desires to be able to help others who may be in a situation where they have run out of answers or who may need help to be able to see the light at the end of their tunnel.

Through ‘Divine Interventions‘ one of the things we hope to do is provide you with help and support in order that you are able to feel more equipped to overcome life’s difficulties and in turn help you on your way knowing that you can Live and Love Life too despite your circumstances.

My two children have been a real source of inspiration to me and especially since the loss of their father in 2001, which was a very hard time for us all.  We came through this experience only by ‘Divine Intervention’ and by supporting each other thorugh love, encouragement, prayer and care.

I decided I could not allow the circumstances of our life stop me or my children from having a future and as a result decided to further my plans and goals to strive for a better future than the past that we had. After being able to counsel and encourage my own children through bereavement and loss it confirmed to me that I had a gift in this area that needed to be pursued.

I have always had a passion for helping people and have supported friends, family and many others long before I took up the ministry of pastoral care, counselling and social work.

In 2006, I was led and attended South London/Luton Christian College (SLCC) and completed a course in Christian Counselling Psychology (CCP) SLCC is accredited by the Association of Christian Counsellors in respect of their counselling programmes.

My professional, academic, ministerial and personal pursuits have ran side by side and in my day job an opportunity arose in 2007 and I applied to go to University to study Social Work.

You may be thinking how on earth did I manage all this study in such a short space of time well the answer to that is this.  I realised that I needed to out-work my purpose and refused to have any limitations on any future potential I had. I chose not to allow my past to dictate my future.  I relied solely on what was a Divine Intervention which enabled me and carried me through my day to day life, my studies and personal challenges that I had knowing that nothing was impossible to those who believed!

During my ministry experiences I recognised the call on my life and this was later confirmed through scripture, prophecy, declaration and other clergy who encouraged me to pursue a pathway in ministry.  In 2006 I enrolled on the Ministerial Studies Course at SLCC which I graduated from in 2008.

Study has been very, very hard but equally rewarding as with my life experiences and study combined I feel better equipped in being able to carry out my Pastoral and Ministerial roles more effectively.

Over the last 10 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to impact many individuals and families for which I have been most grateful to have served in order to help them to Live and Love Life.

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Jenny Bryan is the Local Assistant  Pastor in the work of the Lord at Divine Interventions Ministry Luton.  Jenny is responsible for the day to day running of  JB Office Services amongst carrying out other ministerial duties and responsibilities for the ministry.  She has been working within SMEs to large business organizations for the past 20 years in conjunction to working within a church domain.   

Jenny has gained experience in the financial, medical, legal, church ministry, mediation and marketing sectors and her experience in these fields has motivated her to launch Jenny Bryan Office Services (JBOS).
JBOS specializes in business administration and marketing for faith and non-faith based organizations.  Jenny has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to use her skills to help other business owners to expand and improve.
By offering this service JBOS is enabled to help SMEs to maximize their potential, create brand awareness and spreading the word of their existence in the community.
Talents: Jenny has developed an array of talents over the years.
The following are just a few: Administrative/Secretarial, Research, Marketing, Proofreading/Editing, Typing, Event Planning, Project Management, Website maintenance and Internet Marketing.  Recently she was elected to serve on behalf of our covering ministry Jabula UK & Asia as the as the overall conference manager for this auspicious event.  To find out more about JBOS or to get a quote for services offered please email us at or  where we would be more than happy to discuss your needs.