DIM was first birthed in 2008 as an outreach ministry mandated with the sole purpose of taking the love of Christ to where the people who need it most are in a new way. DIM’s foundations are built on Isaiah 61v1-11 & Luke 4v18 a direct word from God was given regarding the name of the ministry and the mission. It is a constant reminder that Jesus Christ is central to all that we do in this Ministry and in the community we serve.

As a collective body of believers we can better meet people at the point of their need with the ultimate aim of them experiencing a ‘Divine Intervention’ in their own lives and the glory only going where the glory is due to God. People who come into contact with DIM will through experiences and relationships no doubt will have the opportunity to be introduced to the person who shall supply all their needs!


To Combine Practical, Emotional & Spiritual Interventions

To fuse Kingdom and state in order that the kingdom of God is advanced on earth.


To provide an holistic service which will help people towards wholeness in mind,

body& spirit.


To Promote Healing & Restoration

Promote Freedom from Oppression

Provide Quality Person Centered Services

To Promote Excellence in Service Ministration